Clinical Facials 

Each of the exclusive clinical Medi- facial treatments are designed to address skin concerns including skin aging, skin blemishes and acne, skin redness or sensitive skin, pigmentation, and dryness. 

Using active ingredients and science-based skincare combined with effective techniques to address all skin needs while leaving you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. 

Your skin will be assessed prior to the treatment to make sure the right products to your skin concerns


 Advanced re-hydrating,  Nourishing  and firming facial 

75  Minutes $140       45 minutes $ 90    30 Minutes $ 75

The Hydrating and Nourishing Facial Utilizes advanced hydrating ingredients and delivery systems to help restore and maintain lost hydration to lackluster skin experiencing dryness, dehydration lines, rough texture, and slower cellular turnover. Combined with a dual-function exfoliation that resurfaces and rehydrates kin simultaneously, this treatment will leave the skin nourished, rehydrated, smooth and radiant. 

Full 75 Minutes treatments: Double cleanse, ultrasonic cleanse exfoliation, face steam, extraction, advanced rehydrating and firming mask, corrective serum and cream applications,   Oxygen infusions,  LED light therapy, and SPF protection. 


 Radiant  Facial  


60 Minutes $ 130              30 Minutes $ 70 


Get more youthful and radiant skin with this anti –ageing treatment.  The Radiance Facial is maximized with pure, potent actives to revitalize and repair dull, tired skin while restoring luminosity and preventing future damage.


This facial includes Double cleanse, ultrasonic cleanse, Micro polish, face steam, Clay mask, ultrasonic vitamin and serum infusion, moisturiser, SPF protection,  Oxygen infusions, and LED light therapy. Hand, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage is also included.

Purifying  Facial

1 hour $110        30 Minutes $60

New Age Medi facial 

75 Minutes $145 30 Minutes $ 70

Promote radiance, glowing, cell renewal and collagen growth with  75 minutes deluxe, powerful an anti-ageing and clinical proven based facial.


Microdermabrasion intense resurfacing the outermost layers of the skin to target many skin concerns and promote hydration.

Collagen mask contains active ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote smoother skin texture and help restore and maintain your skin's elasticity.

LED light therapy to promote cell renewal, increase collagen and skin elasticity.

Please note: this facial can be customized to individual needs, also suitable for younger skin. Suitable for Both Man and woman

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