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Masseter & Teeth Grinding 

Masseter treatment involves to reduce the width of the jaw, thereby making the jaw slimmer and more V-shaped. This treatment can also help with teeth grinding ( Bruxism)  by reducing the 'power' and weakening the associated muscles.

In some people, the size of the Masseter muscles is increased due to overactivity. Teeth grinding is one such factor. Injecting the Masseter muscles with Antiwrinkle Injections greatly reduces the teeth grinding problem during sleep.

Improvement in bruxism / teeth grinding / a square jawline will be apparent after just one treatment. However, keeping on top of the treatment and having a re-treatment every 3-6 months will continue to further reduce the size and bulk of the masseter muscles, resulting in an ever improving and longer-lasting result over time.

Price : Based on Consultation
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