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Laser Skin Rejuvenation 

Using the newest Picosecond fractional laser technology has minimal to no downtime. 

This Laser uses the principle of selective photothermolysis", which means the laser energy is only absorbed by the target tissue and less likely caused damage to surrounding tissues. 

Picosecond focus is a form of Q_swith ND-Yag laser resurfacing, so it is safe on darker skin types. 

Picosecond lasers work by transferring energy to the upper layers of skin, in turn, causing a ‘spring effect’ in the lower dermal layers and energy releases molecules that stimulate collagen and remodel scars.

The PicoSecond Laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit the melanin with great pressure, the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body. It is a quick and easy non-surgical,non-invasive laser skin treatment.

This Laser is great for treating pigmentation including melasma, freckles, sun damage, mild wrinkle, general skin rejuvenation, and early acne scars. 

Multiple seasons will require for the best result. 

Special Offers

Full Face  $250

3 series full Face  $ 600

Full Face, neck, and decolletage  $ 350

Full Face and Neck  $ 299

Neck rejuvenation $110

decolletage $ 150

spot treatment from $50

1 hand $99

China Doll Carbon Laser Peel Facial 

China doll is non-invasive, a gentle treatment using a combination of carbon serum mask paired with picosecond ND-YAG laser to destroy debris, unclogged pores, and treating imperfection, giving skin glow from within.

There are so many benefits of this facial :
✅reduce fine lines and wrinkles
✅tighten dilated pores
✅reduce acne, scars, and post-acne pigmentation
✅ Help to brightening your skin
✅removed dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer
✅ stimulates collagen growth
✅improves skin texture

Price $ 250  1 hour treatment 

                                              Contraindications of laser treatment 

Therapy using the PicoSure laser is contraindicated for those clients who:

•  Are hypersensitive to light in the near-infrared wavelength region

• Take medication which is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight

• Have seizure disorders triggered by light

• Take or have taken oral isotretinoin, such as Accutane®, within the last six months

• Have an active localized or systemic infection, or an open wound in the area being treated

• Have a significant systemic illness such as lupus or an illness localized in the area being treated

• Have common acquired nevi that are predisposed to the development of malignant melanoma

• Have herpes simplex in the area being treated • Are receiving or have received gold therapy

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding (lactating)

                                                 Pre Treatment Skin Preparation

Avoid sun exposure to the treatment area for at least for 4 weeks 

Do not use UV tanning beds at all for 4 weeks before treatment.

Fake tanning must be removed 2 weeks prior to your treatment 

Use a broad-spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 30 or above on a daily basis (rain or shine).

For Darker Skin Types using brightening ingredients, skincare will recommend at least 2 weeks before the procedure. 

stop using retinol / topical vitamin A serum for 5 days pre-treatment. 

                                              On the  Treatment Day

all jewelry must be removed

avoid using hair spray/ deodorant  that contains alcohol  

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